Sunday, September 21, 2008

Everything Nice by Ellen Shanman

This book originally caught my interest because the main character, Mike, was in the advertising business and quickly finds herself without a job, and resorts to teaching. While I wasn't necessarily in the 'business' my degree is definitely in advertising, and I'm definitely NOT working in that field any longer. I have been working as a sub for the past 6 years, so I really wanted to read this book.

Mike finds herself one day without a job, because the folks at her advertising agency just not longer want to work with her. (And they had just fired her 'boyfriend' if you can call him that, so getting rid of her just made sense.) I have to say that the following excerpt just made me laugh out loud when I read it.

"Is this about the tampons? Because--"
"It's about a lot of things, although while we're on the subject it was probably inappropriate to refer to the consumers as 'bleeders' in front of the client."
"It slipped out."

I just found that hilarious. I could see myself possibly referring to someone like that, although I'd really hope that I'd have the brains NOT to say it in front of a client. Anyway...back to the book.

So Mike is jobless and within a few months realizes that she's not going to find a position in the advertising world because her reputation is fairly well known. So, she ends up moving back in with her father, something she thought she'd never do. The biggest problem? He's got a girlfriend (which Mike didn't know about) and the girlfriend is moving in too!

The air is tense the first few times Mike and Deja are in the same room. Deja is a retired teacher and she mentions to Mike that she thought there would be a position in the marketing department for her old school. Turns out they need a "life skills" substitute, and she fills in. The results are an interesting turn for Mike. She works as a teacher, she sees her ex-boyfriend on late-night tv performing a comedy routine based upon their previous relationship, and she discovers she has feelings for someone that she's known for quite awhile.

I really enjoyed this story. I was sad when it ended, although I have to admit, the ending is pretty predictable. I look forward to reading other books by this author.

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